Day #10 :: Compassion :: 31 Days of Devotion

Welcome to your practice for Day #10.

Today we're joined by the wise + wonderful Ariel Dobshinsky, as we continue headlong into our theme of practicing compassion-- with a special emphasis on self-compassion... or as Ariel puts it, "befriending who we already are".  

In today's practice, Ariel leads us through a contemplation for moving beyond the four chambers of our own hearts, and slowly, thoroughly, inviting the world in.

Along the way she shares a bit about "the catch" of LovingKindness practice, and offers us an alternative to the pesky urge we have to want to fix, change, and adjust things -- ad infinitum. 

Just grab a comfortable seat, and perhaps a pen + paper to capture your own insights after meditation, and click the video above. Practice begins at the 5 minute 20 second mark.

One thing that I can tell you about Ariel is that she's a Pisces. Everything else you might want to know about this glorious human can be found at her website HERE.

See you on the cushion!