Day #9 :: Compassion :: 31 Days of Devotion

When I hear the words "Holding Container" my mind immediately travels to the subway platform waiting for the N train.  
Or the line at the bank. Or the tiny jail cell that smelled like feet down at Queens County Central Booking that weekend in 2007.

But thanks to today's contributing teacher-- and all around wonderful human-- Ralph De La Rosa, I have a new and sweeter image that springs to mind when I hear those words: A safe place of genuine caring and healthy boundaries that a parent places a child in. 
And a space that we can create for ourselves during meditation. 

For today's practice, Ralph draws on the work of pediatrician and psychoanalyst D. Winnicott to instruct us on how to work with whatever comes up during meditation (and beyond), and place it in a loving container.

I've often heard "self compassion" spoken about as learning how to be the person that we needed when we were younger, and this practice puts that notion sweetly into play.

If you're curious to find out more about Ralph's work as a meditation teacher and therapist, you can visit his website, HERE. He has all sorts of great resources on his site. 

Practice begins at the 3 minute and 20 second mark. 

Just grab a comfortable seat, and perhaps a pen + paper to capture your own insights after meditation, and click the video above.  See you on the cushion!