Day #27 :: Contemplation :: 31 Days of Devotion

Hello you Lovely Meditators. Welcome to your practice for Day #27. 

Today we continue on with our theme for Week #4: Contemplation, with Patia Braithwaite back at the helm as our contributing teacher. 

If you didn't catch Patia's first contemplative journaling exercise earlier this week, you are in for a treat. 
Besides holding the mantle as my literary-crush, Patia is an award winning essayist, creator of The Inner Workroom, and writer of the forthcoming manual101 Affirmations For People Who Hate Affirmations. 
If you love her writing as much as I do, send her a shoutout HERE to keep in touch and stay abreast of her latest work.  

For today's practice, Patia leads us through a contemplative journaling exercise that we can do on the spot, wherever we are, no matter how chaotic our environment may seem. Because, as she so succinctly points out, we're rarely-- if ever-- in the "perfect" conditions.

Though with a little concentration, we can access the center within the storm.

Just grab a comfortable seat, and a pen + paper to capture your own insights, and click the video above. 

May the ink flow forever in your favor.