Day #15 :: Focus + Clarity :: 31 Days of Devotion

Welcome to your practice for Day #15. 
Today kicks off our theme for Week #3 :: Focus + Clarity. 
Now, I recognize that there's a weeee bit of redundancy here, as we've been practicing Focus and Clarity all along.
Focusing on Intention in week #1 (which hopefully inspired some clarity), and focusing on Compassion during week #2. 

However this week, the focus IS focus, so we're going straight for it, so to speak. 

We'll be joined by the wonderful trio of Ralph De La Rosa , Sydney Faith Rose + Lodro Rinzler from the contributing teacher team, and placing an emphasis on shamatha meditation (aka: calm abiding or bare awareness meditation) -- straight up, with no filler.

It's the same meditation technique that the Buddha practiced 2500 years ago to "wake up" and find liberation. And he was just some disillusioned prince with a chip on his shoulder, which means that you and I have a shot at it too. 

But before we begin today's practice, I just want to point out all of the white space on this page. Do you see it? The white space between paragraphs, the white space in the margins. The white space that holds the text and images together, and gives this email format and shape? 
This is what we'll be focusing on today. 
(Not literally, though. You'll see.) 

If you want to skip ahead, we hit the cushion at the 5 minute 30 second mark. 

It's so great to spend another week with you!
Into the woods we go.