Day #19 :: Focus + Clarity :: 31 Days of Devotion

Welcome to your practice for Day #19!

Lodro Rinzler is back in the house to grace us with his insights today as we continue the theme of this week: Focus + Clarity. 

Today he shares with us some nuggets on finding the blend between Discipline + Gentleness in meditation practice, and how to cultivate wellbeing by rerouting the onslaught of Could Have, Would HaveShould Be and Would Be over to a state of surrendering into what IS

If you want to find out more about Lodro's work + keep in touch with him, you can do so HERE

If you want to get right into practice, meditation begins at the 5 minute and 2 second mark. 

Just grab a comfortable seat, and perhaps a pen + paper to capture your own insights after meditation, and click the video below. 

Onward, you beautiful meditators. And may your practice be sweet.