Day #21 :: Focus + Clarity :: 31 Days of Devotion

Welcome to your practice for Day #21 of 31 Days of Devotion

Today we wrap up our theme for Week #3:: Focus + Clarity, I just want to acknowledge that a deeply polarizing president has just taken office in the United States.

No matter what your political leanings are, division is painful, and it seems to be timely that we are talking about developing a sense of focus and clarity together, right on the heels of practicing compassion. 

Strong spine, clear mind, open heart. 

Please keep practicing. I love you. We are all in this together. Now back to our regularly scheduled programing. 

Sydney Faith Rose is back on the cushion with us today, closing our week out with aplomb. Today she shares her insights on the filters we all have that color our view of the world.

I think of this in the same fashion as Instagram. Everyone looks good in the Valencia filter. X-Pro amplifies the subject in a harsh and unflattering way. Nashville adds a light glow to the situation. 

The same, it can be said, for our own minds, and the filters that we view the world through. Some of these filters are helpful-- like the belief filter that we are capable and liked, that people are basically good. Some filters on the other hand... well, not so helpful. 

The tricky part is even recognizing these filters are there. 

Just grab a comfortable seat, and perhaps a pen + paper to capture your own insights after meditation, and click the video below. 

Meditation begins at the 9 minute 40 second mark. You're doing great.