Day # 2 :: Intentions :: 31 Days of Devotion

Welcome to our second day of practice together! And what a mighty fine day for it.

At this point, you've probably swept up the glitter confetti and empty champagne bottles and have started to ponder what your intentions are for the rest of the 363 days ahead. Great news: because that's the theme of our practice today. 

But first, I wanted to ask: have you ever had the experience of getting teary eyed at a commercial? 
Yep. Me too. 
In fact, just last week as I was sitting next to my Dad in the movie theater of my home town waiting to see Star Wars, a Coca-Cola commercial flashed on the screen that made my heart swell with so many feelings.
It was about a little girl, waiting for Christmas, and it captured the tone of the holidays perfectly: the feeling of wonder, of magic, and the nostalgia for childhood. 
In that moment, Coca-Cola wasn't selling fizzy soda, they were selling the feeling of childlike wonder. And I was in it
Well played, Coca-Cola. 

I wanted to share that story, because it has a lot to do with today's meditation practice, and locating the feeling tone of our 2017 aspirations.