Day #4 :: Intentions :: 31 Days of Devotion

I hope that this week's practice of sinking into our Intention for 2017 has been helpful and clarifying for you.

Today, I'll be back with you as the contributing teacher, but first, I wanted to give a little backstory to today's recording.

The very first time that I met the woman I consider to be my primary or root teacher, she was visiting NYC and giving a public talk at The Interdependence Project-- a multi-lineage hub based in secular Buddhist studies, meditation and activism in lower Manhattan. 

She was seated at the front of the room, dressed in her Tibetan monastic maroon robes, with a shaved head, looking very traditional and the like, when she paused, and then pointed declared:

"We all care so much about what other people think of us, and frankly, it's a f*cking nightmare." 


The candor and incisiveness of that statement was refreshing to my ears, and spoke to something that I had felt so deeply, but had never heard spoken so bluntly. Plus, a monastic nun just said the F word. 

That's when I knew she was my Lady. 

She's dropped many more wisdom bombs (and a few F-bombs) over the years that I've been lucky enough to be audience to -- including one that inspired today's topic. 

Just grab a comfortable seat, and perhaps a pen + paper to capture your own insights after meditation, and click the video above. 

Meditation begins at the 3 minute and 50 second mark.